Shanelle Shalom

Founder of Queens of Virtue

Queens of Virtue is a biblically based coaching service founded in October 2019 by Shanelle Shalom, who is currently the sole owner and provider of Queens of Virtue services & products, which include courses, books, and private sessions. Through our services, we seek to rehabilitate women who have mindsets and characteristics that were developed by feminism. These characteristics tend to make women successful in their careers, but hinders their ability to have healthy relationships. Queens of Virtue combats this by teaching them biblical standards of womanhood so that they are compatible with godly men. We do this in three simple steps: First, we teach God’s original design for the family structure. Next, we teach the purpose of this design, and then the benefits of this design. Once they accept this truth, it instills a newfound respect for their femininity.

Our Values

Queens of Virtue first and foremost values God and honors him through our work. The Creator has created the blueprint (the Holy Bible) for how both genders should operate. The bible not only teaches us gender roles, but how to generally live life righteously and productively. From it, we get answers to problems that the world has no viable answers to. We appreciate how the bible challenges and sharpens us in ways that worldly doctrines and ideologies do not. While the greater society may feel they have outgrown the laws and values of the bible, QOV recognizes the timeless wisdom in it, and it will always be the foundation for our company. 

Family is another important value to QOV. Everyone needs a place to belong, and the very first place we all belong is to our family. Family provides us with our initial set of values, morals, and world views. If it so happens that a woman doesn't have good family values, QOV steps in to instill values in her so that she can instill them in her children. The woman is the glue that holds the family together. Both the husband and children rely on her for comfort, nurturing, support and unconditional love. With such a definitive role, the wife and mother must be well-equipped to handle such a highly demanding position. 

Lastly, we value femininity. We live in a world where women are constantly being influenced on how to look, think and behave, and these messages can be quite confusing. QOV helps to weed out the false messages by teaching women to be what's natural to all of us—femininity. When we are being our natural selves, there won't be confusion about what it is we should do at a given moment. Notice how animals are in tune with their nature. They never feel pressure to be anything other than themselves. They know their purpose and they're fine with it. QOV teaches our clients how to do the same—get in tune with their nature and be content with their purpose.

What Sets us Apart

There is no shortage of coaches and advisors promising that they have the answers to women's biggest problems. That can make it difficult for any woman to tell which coach is the right fit for them. Some may even ask, "Why should I pay for coaching when I can get free advice on social media?" That's a valid question. However, most free content is generalized, unorganized and doesn't take into consideration anyone's unique situation. But Queens of Virtue's courses are organized, features supportive tools and supplies, plus weekly sessions that allow each client's unique concerns to be addressed. After the course is completed, we actively follow up with the client to check their progress and provide extra assistance if needed, with no extra charge.

Through our 2-hour sessions, our clients receive ample time to ask questions, tell their stories, and get thorough feedback without the time crunch. All information that they share with us is kept confidential. Their trust means everything to us, so we are sure to keep their information and identities confidential. Once a session or course is booked, clients have the opportunity to receive lifetime assistance through our weekly newsletter, email check-ins, free audio lessons, and admission into our online groups to converse with other clients.  We don't just want our client's to support our company, we want them to succeed in their personal lives. This is why we are committed to making sure they have everything they need so they won't be left out to sink without us giving them a hand to pull them up.

Lastly, our large catalog of books make a convenient tool for customers that want to benefit from our lessons, but may not have the the time or funds to take a course or session. These books contain much of what is in the courses, but in a concise format. Most of our books also have questions at the end of the chapter so that customers can get a mini version of the course experience. We want people from all backgrounds to benefit from QOV services, so providing affordable material is necessary. At QOV, we love to see growth in all our clients. When you grow, we grow. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know Queens of Virtue. We look forward to doing business with you so that we can get to know you as well. 


Queens of Virtue

Liberating the femininity in you.