Queens of Virtue has books and audio lessons suitable for teen girls. We also conduct sessions with the permission (and supervision) of their parents. Check out our book & audio selection below.

Sisterly Love: A Guide to Building & Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Your Fellow Woman gives you a template on how to build a righteous, unbreakable sisterhood with other women based on the concept of loving each other as you love yourselves. This is an essential read for any woman who has close relationships with other women, whether it be friends, family or co-workers.

It's time to take female empowerment to a whole new level. Feminists have taken the idea of female empowerment and made it their own, but many women over the course of history were empowered long before the feminist movement. They didn't need the feminist movement to be trailblazers, and we don't either. There's more than one way to be empowered and Virtuous Womanism: Female Empowerment for the Anti-Feminist Woman explores those ways. 

Far Above Rubies: A Word of Encouragement for Virgin, Celibate & Childless Women provides that by giving abstinent, celibate and childless women a fresh new perspective on chastity and childlessness so that they are able to continue on their journey feeling more confident than ever before.