Queens of Virtue's healing Books assist women with gaining the peace of mind and self-esteem they need to be fully functional in singlehood and in marriage.

The Feminine Mind: A Guide to Overcoming Mental & Emotional Trauma is an informational workbook that gives insight into what is going on within you mentally and emotionally, while also asking questions along the way to prompt you to reflect on past and current emotional challenges. This format makes it possible to conduct your own self-therapy sessions so that you are better able to resolve your issues on your own time.

Shadow Work: A Guided Journal for Uncovering Your Hidden Self has 39 thought-provoking prompts that help you self-reflect and look within your deepest, darkest self without shame or judgment from the outside world.

Far Above Rubies: A Word of Encouragement for Virgin, Celibate & Childless Women provides that by giving abstinent, celibate and childless women a fresh new perspective on chastity and childlessness so that they are able to continue on their journey feeling more confident than ever before.

In this package, you will receive the full paperback collection of our healing books: Shadow Work, Far Above Rubies and The Feminine Mind.