Every woman could upgrade her life physically, mentally, and financially today if she truly wanted to. All it takes is new information to create a total shift in perspective, and a new perspective leads to a new game plan. Maybe it's time for an all-new game plan for your life. If so, the Hypergamous Femininity course will help you get started on your journey to living the life you've always desired. You've waited on change long enough, and here is your chance to make it happen. The time for change is now.

Hypergamous Femininity 12 Week Course

Lessons include:

Week 1: Hypergamy Basics: What Is Hypergamy?

Week 2: Healing Feminine Wounds

Week 3: Choosing Quality Men

Week 4: Increasing Self Confidence

Week 5: Eradicating the Poverty Mindset

Week 6: Reinventing Your Image

Week 7: Changing Your Environment

Week 8: Feminine Etiquette

Week 9: Hypergamous Dating: Tips, Do's, Don'ts & Secrets

Week 10: Beauty & Fashion Tips: How Should Feminine Women Look?

Week 11: Beautifying Your Space: Home Decorating & Homemaking

Week 12: Securing The Bag: Improving Your Finances

If you have experienced poverty in your lifetime, then it is highly likely that you have developed a certain mindset and set of of behaviors based upon your poverty experience. Ironically, even after people have become financially stable, they sometimes still have a poverty mindset. It takes some people years to eradicate this way of thinking, and some never lose the mindset at all. Fortunately, this 6-Week course guides you through the steps you need to take to put an end to viewing life through a poverty lens, and replace it with a healthier, abundance mindset. 

Eradicating the Poverty Mindset 6 Week Course

Lessons include:

Week 1: Dissecting the Poverty Mind

Week 2: Healing from Poverty Trauma

Week 3: Poor Behavior vs Wealth Behavior

Week 4: Dissecting the Poverty Mind

Week 5: Developing an Abundance Mindset

Week 6: Creating Your Economy