We are not only dedicated to helping girls and women develop their femininity and relationship skills, but we are also branching out into boys and men as well. Take a look at what we have for our Kings.

The King's Order: 5 Divine Laws Every Young Man Must Obey to Become a King

was written for teenage boys and young adult me, but men of all ages can find this practical knowledge useful.  The book covers five divine biblical laws that are greatly overlooked and explains why each law is important to a man's wellness, success and dominance.

Biblical Economics: Financial Advice from the Book of Proverbs

debunks the common misconception that money is "evil" by breaking down scriptures that reveal God's true perspective on acquiring, managing, and multiplying money.

Broken Home Improvement: A No-Nonsense Guide for Single Moms & the Men Who Love Them

gives single mothers, biological fathers, and potential stepfathers detailed advice on how to change a broken home into a happy home. Everyone involved has their own plight and fault, and all should be addressed if we're serious about resolving this growing problem. 

Nation Building For Women: What You Need to Know Before Entering a Polygynous Marriage

now has a bonus chapter for men. Not only does this book answer women's pressing questions about polygyny, but it also gives men do's and don'ts on what should be done while courting potential wives.

This package contains an ebook version of Biblical Economics, The King's Order, and Nation Building for Women. (Broken Home Improvement is currenly unavailable in ebook form).

This package contains a paperback copy of The Kings's Order, Biblical Economics, Nation Building for Women and Broken Home Improvement.