Queens of Virtue has something for the go-getters who are ready to take what is rightfully theirs. our classes on seizing power gives you the secret strategies women need to maneuver in a man's world.

We've all heard people say men are hunters, but the female hunter remains unrecognized...and therein lies the magic. A huge part of what makes women great hunters is the fact that we can do it without being obvious. This takes strategy. However, many men don't view women as strategists who can accompany them on the hunt, but as their prey. Join Queens of Virtue as we explore why men view women this way, as well as what characteristics make women great hunters, and how you can embody these traits to become the go-getter you want to be.

Class includes:

  1. Women: A Man's Companion or a Man's Prey? (Audio)

  2. Why Women Make the Best Hunters (Audio)

  3. Unspoken Rules of the Workforce (PDF)

  4. 7 Ways to Study Your "Prey" (PDF)

  5. Strategies of Feminine Warfare (Audio)

  6. Virtuous Womanism: Female Empowerment for the Anti-Feminist Woman (Paperback book)

  7. Email support (for any questions you may have)

Women have always had their own way of acquiring power despite living in a patriarchal world. While women today may feel hindered, women of the past found ways to get around their biggest obstacles, and modern women can do the same. Join Queens of Virtue as we discuss why women have a difficult time achieving power, how to discover your own unique powers, and how to overcome the obstacles you will face as you strive to reach the top of your game.

Class includes:

  1. Why Don't Women Have Power? (Audio)

  2. How Women Gain Power in a Patriarchal Society (PDF)

  3. Discover Your Strengths (PDF)

  4. Strategies of Feminine Warfare (Audio)

  5. Virtuous Womanism: Female Empowerment for the Anti-Feminist Woman (Paperback book)

  6. Email follow-up (to answer questions you may have)

Every woman has her own unique qualities that make her fascinating, magnetic, and appealing. It's just that they get caught up in their everyday responsibilities and habits they never take the time to dive deep within and bring out the parts of them that they never knew was there. Join Queens of Virtue as we help you uncover your most alluring qualities, develop your own signature style of femininity, and use it to make your mark on the world. 

Class includes:

  1. The Power of Authenticity (Audio)

  2. Discover Your Strengths (PDF)

  3. How to Bring Out Your Most Captivating Qualities (Audio)

  4. Newfound Confidence (Audio)

  5. How to Be a Wonder Woman: Exploring the Wonderful World of Beauty & Sexuality (Paperback book)

  6. Email follow-up (to answer questions you may have)