Queens of Virtue's self-discovery master classes makes it possible for you to target some of your unknown and weaker attributes & turn these attributes into your biggest advantages.  

You might have heard some men ask, "What do you bring to the table?" While the question can be off-putting, every woman should know what she has to offer, no matter where she goes or who she's dealing with. Knowing what you bring to the table makes you aware of your own self-worth, thus increasing your self-confidence. It also makes potential mates comfortable with investing their time and money into you. Join Queens of Virtue as we teach you how to discover your best existing qualities while cultivating new qualities so that you and your potential mates will always be confident and aware of what you have to offer,

Class includes:

  1. The Rise of the Fruitless Woman (Audio)

  2. The Significance of Offerings (Audio)

  3. Tapping Into You: How to Discover Who You Really Are (PDF)

  4. How to Cultivate Your Best Feminine Qualities (Audio)

  5. The Feminine Mind: A Guide to Overcoming Mental & Emotional Trauma (Paperback book)

  6. Email Follow-up (for any questions you may have)

No one knows the true nature of the female except the female. In fact, some women do not fully know themselves, but there is a reason for this. Men, most of all, do not and possibly will never know the true nature of women unless a feminine woman teaches them. Join Queens of Virtue as we dive into why female nature remains a mystery, how to be more mysterious in a world where many women are overexposed, and how to use your feminine mystique to your benefit.

Class includes:

  1. Why Female Nature Remains a Mystery (Audio)

  2. How to Discover Who You Really Are (PDF)

  3. The Power of Discretion (Audio)

  4. 30 Minute Session (by phone)

  5. Shadow Work: A Guided Journal to Uncovering Your Hidden Self (Paperback book)

Women are generally idealistic. We want things to be perfect, but unfortunately, life is never perfect, and this can cause women to find ways to escape reality, one of which is by surrounding themselves with those who play into their fantasies about life and love. Idealism can be your weakness or it can be your greatest strength. It all depends upon what you do with it. Join Queens of Virtue as we reveal the pros & cons of women's idealism and show you how to use idealism to create a better life for yourself and those closest to you. 

Class includes:

  1. How Idealism Can Make or Break a Woman's Life (Audio)

  2. Creating with the Power of Delusion (Audio)

  3. Creation Ritual (Video + PDF)

  4. 30 Minute Session (by phone)

  5. Womanifest: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Growth, Finding Purpose, & Receiving Blessings (Paperback book)