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Dealing with Chaotic Women

Some men would describe women as chaotic (meaning in a state of disorder or confusion). It is true that some women are in a state of disorder and confusion, especially if there is a lack of guidance from parents, their husband, or a spiritual leader or mentor. However, "chaotic" is not women's natural state of being, and men, for the most part, know this at their core.

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Word Is Bond...Right?

Have you ever heard the saying, “Men believe what they see; women believe what they hear”? Even if you never heard the saying, I’m sure you can agree with it for the most part. Not saying that it’s true in every case, but women are a little more on the emotional side, and are more likely to be swept away by flattering words than men are. Men have been using this to their advantage of this for ages, and it’s honestly not really a problem—unless they begin to use their charming words to mislead women.

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