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Word is Bond...Right? | 6-5-2024

Have you ever heard the saying, “Men believe what they see; women believe what they hear”? Even if you never heard the saying, I’m sure you can agree with it for the most part. Not saying that it’s true in every case, but women are a little more on the emotional side, and are more likely to be swept away by flattering words than men are. Men have been using this to their advantage of this for ages, and it’s honestly not really a problem—unless they begin to use their charming words to mislead women.

There are white lies and then there are lie-lies. Flat out, completely untrue tales that leave you feeling like a fool once you find out it isn't true. While men may view their lies as harmless (it may seem to be in the moment), many women are developing trust issues due to being lied to by their significant other.  This distrust begins to develop early on from the smallest mishaps in the relationship. For instance, a man could say, “Let’s go out Friday night at 8:00 pm”, then when Friday night comes, he explains how he has other plans and won’t be able to make it. Or he may say, “I’ll get that tire changed after I get off work”. Then he comes home with the old tire still on. These may seem like innocent mistakes in the eyes of a man, but a woman may view them as lies, particularly if these "mistakes" happen a little too often.

To be fair, we are living in a society where illusion is in style. Reality television and social media may be the blame for this. According to the University of Oregon, 68% of young adults between the ages of 18-29 years old watch reality television. The problem with reality television is that they show people who are living in controlled, glamorized conditions. Plus it's extremely edited and scripted. Even on our personal social media pages, we create our own version of this by only showing what we want people to see—our best pictures and highest moments. I guess we’re all guilty of displaying some level of dishonesty.

Honesty used to be the best policy, but today it seems that illusion and lies is the new norm. If men and women truly want to have genuine relationships with one another, honesty will have to make a comeback. It's needed to build trust, and we all know that trust is needed for a healthy relationship. Trust is needed for a man to receive submission too, but that's a different topic.

Dishonesty has a snowball effect. Not only will the woman you lied to lose trust in you, but she will become distrusting of others too. That means if you break up, the next man, who did nothing wrong, will indirectly be a victim of your lies too. It's time that men bring back the old adage of "word is bond". Being truthful and a man of your word doesn't only make women trust you but your friends, co-workers, employers, and business partners will trust you too.