Bride to Be: 12 Week Marriage Prep Course


To avoid pitfalls, we all should prepare for every important role we take in life, including our role as someone's spouse. The Bride to Be 90-Day Course prepares you for this role by teaching you how to look for love in all the right places, date in a manner that prevents your precious time from being wasted, refine your public image, and prepare you to be a lifelong companion to a quality man. If you didn't get properly trained for marriage before, then here's your chance to get the wisdom you missed out on. The Bible says "He who finds a wife finds a good thing" but it is up to you to make yourself findable. Enroll in Bride to Be and let's put you right where your future husband needs you to be.


  1. Week 1: The Importance of Marriage
  2. Week 2: Understanding The Masculine Perspective of Marriage
  3. Week 3: Let's Get Real: Why You're Not Married
  4. Week 4: Choosing Quality Men
  5. Week 5: Changing Your Environment
  6. Week 6: Feminine Etiquette
  7. Week 7: The Feminine Image
  8. Week 8: Beautifying Your Space: Home Decorating & Homemaking
  9. Week 9: Feminine Dating 101
  10. Week 10: The Art of Submission
  11. Week 11: The Power of Love
  12. Week 12: Newfound Confidence