Eradicating The Poverty Mindset: 6 Week Course


If you have experienced poverty in your lifetime, then it is highly likely that you have developed a certain mindset and set of of behaviors based upon your poverty experience. Ironically, even after people have become financially stable, they sometimes still have a poverty mindset. It takes some people years to eradicate this way of thinking, and some never lose the mindset at all. Fortunately, this 6-Week course guides you through the steps you need to take to put an end to viewing life through a poverty lens, and replace it with a healthier, abundance mindset. 

Lessons include:

Week 1: Dissecting the Poverty Mind

Week 2: Healing from Poverty Trauma

Week 3: Poor Behavior vs Wealth Behavior

Week 4: Dissecting the Poverty Mind

Week 5: Developing an Abundance Mindset

Week 6: Creating Your Economy

*Each lesson is accompanied with Queens of Virtue books, hours of private sessions, videos, assignments and more*