The Feminine Mystique | Master Class


No one knows the true nature of the female except the female. In fact, some women do not fully know themselves, but there is a reason for this. Men, most of all, do not and possibly will never know the true nature of women unless a feminine woman teaches them. Join Queens of Virtue as we dive into why female nature remains a mystery, how to be more mysterious in a world where many women are overexposed, and how to use your feminine mystique to your benefit.

Class includes:

  1. Why Female Nature Remains a Mystery (Audio)

  2. Tapping Into You: How to Discover Who You Really Are (PDF)

  3. The Power of Discretion (Audio)

  4. 30 Minute Session (by phone)

  5. Shadow Work: A Guided Journal to Uncovering Your Hidden Self (Paperback book)

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