Feminine Fantasies | Master Class


Women are generally idealistic. We want things to be perfect, but unfortunately, life is never perfect, and this can cause women to find ways to escape reality, one of which is by surrounding themselves with those who play into their fantasies about life and love. Idealism can be your weakness or it can be your greatest strength. It all depends upon what you do with it. Join Queens of Virtue as we reveal the pros & cons of women's idealism and show you how to use idealism to create a better life for yourself and those closest to you. 

Class includes:

  1. How Idealism Can Make or Break a Woman's Life (Audio)

  2. Creating with the Power of Delusion (Audio)

  3. Creation Ritual (Video + PDF)

  4. 30 Minute Session (by phone)

  5. Womanifest: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Growth, Finding Purpose, & Receiving Blessings (Paperback book)

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