The Huntress | Master Class


We've all heard people say men are hunters, but the female hunter remains unrecognized...and therein lies the magic. A huge part of what makes women great hunters is the fact that we can do it without being obvious. This takes strategy. However, many men don't view women as strategists who can accompany them on the hunt, but as their prey. Join Queens of Virtue as we explore why men view women this way, as well as what characteristics make women great hunters, and how you can embody these traits to become the go-getter you want to be.

Class includes:

  1. Women: A Man's Companion or a Man's Prey? (Audio)

  2. Why Women Make the Best Hunters (Audio)

  3. Unspoken Rules of the Workforce (PDF)

  4. 7 Ways to Study Your "Prey" (PDF)

  5. Strategies of Feminine Warfare (Audio)

  6. Virtuous Womanism: Female Empowerment for the Anti-Feminist Woman (Paperback book)

  7. Email support (for any questions you may have)

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