Masculine Fantasies | Master Class


If there is anything that men waste precious time on in dating, it is their search for unicorns: perfect woman that don't exist in any society. However, men need to believe this woman exists for a very important reason. Join Queens of Virtue as we discuss why men continue to search for their dream girl, how this desire influences your mating strategies, and what you can do to manifest your dream girl into reality. 

Class includes:

  1. Where Have All the Good Girls Gone? (PDF)

  2. Why Men Continue to Search for The Dream Girl (Audio)

  3. How to Inspire Her to Be Your Ideal Mate (Audio)

  4. The King's Order: 5 Laws Every Young Man Must Obey to Become a King (Paperback book)

  5. Follow-Up Email (for any questions you may have)

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