Rich Man vs. Poor Man | Master Class


All men have their own way of seeking and acquiring a mate, but when resources are involved, it changes everything. A man who doesn't have resources must use his appearance, "game" and other tactics to attract a woman. While this may work at times, the women they pull still end up wanting them to have money. Join Queens of Virtue as we discuss why women are attracted to both rich men and poor men. We will also compare and contrast the mating advantages and disadvantages of rich and poor men, then outline how you can take the advantages of both and use them to advance yourself.

Class includes:

  1. Why Women Are Attracted to Rich and Poor Men (Audio)

  2. How Money Influences a Man's Mating Strategy (Audio)

  3. Why Poor Men Are Attracted to Gold Diggers (PDF)

  4. The One Thing All Women Need From Men (Audio)

  5. The King's Order: 5 Laws Every Young Man Must Obey to Become a King 

  6. Follow-Up Email (for any questions you may have)

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