Damsel in Distress | Master Class


Every woman would love to be rescued by the man of her dreams...but that doesn't always happen, and it seems as if it's happening less and less as the years pass. Why don't men want to take on the responsibilities of being a woman's knight in shining armor? Join Queens of Virtue as we explain what drives men to save women, why they haven't been coming to the rescue, and what kind of women will be saved in these modern times. 

Class includes:

  1. The Truth About Men's Savior Complex (Audio)

  2. The 3 Traits of a Valuable Woman (Audio)

  3. How to Inspire Him to Take Initiative (PDF)

  4. Feminine Side Hustles (PDF)

  5. Hypergamous Femininity: 10 Secrets Virtuous Women Need to Know About Leveling Up (Paperback book

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