Living the Life | Master Class


The soft life means to live a life of grace. To wake up each morning not dreading the day ahead, going about your day feeling very little to no pressure, and heading to bed each night with no worries. It's about having peace of mind, knowing that everything is in place and taken care of. Join Queens of Virtue as we teach you how to create a soft life for yourself, whether you are single or married. You will also learn how to inspire your husband to provide you with a soft life. This is one class you don't want to miss.

Class includes:

  1. The Soft Life vs The Hard Life (Audio)

  2. How to Live the Soft Life While Single or Married (Audio)

  3. How to Inspire Him to Take Initiative (PDF)

  4. Feminine Side Hustles (PDF)

  5. Womanifest: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Growth, Finding Purpose, & Receiving Blessings (Paperback book)

  6. Email support (to answer any questions you may have)

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