The Savior Complex | Master Class


We live in a time where men are sometimes ridiculed for saving women from themselves. But this is something men have always practiced, it's just that now it has become a bit riskier than it once was. Join Queens of Virtue as we explore why men feel the need to rescue women, why your efforts do not garner the love and respect from women that it once did, and how to prevent yourself from rescuing a woman who isn't worthy of your leadership, provision and protection.

Class includes:

  1. Do I Have the Savior Complex? (Audio)

  2. Exploring the Pros & Cons of Rescuing Women (Audio)

  3. How to Know If She's Worth Saving (Audio)

  4. Signs She Doesn't Want to Be Saved (PDF)

  5. The King's Order: 5 Divine Laws Every Young Man Must Obey to Become a King (Paperback Book)

  6. 30-Day Email Support (for any questions you may have)

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