Navigating Femininity | Master Class


Men have dealt with women all their life, but dealing with a truly feminine woman is a different ball game. Feminine women do not think or respond in the same ways as women who have been indoctrinated by feminism, nor are they attracted to the same kinds of men. Join Queens of Virtue as we show you everything you need to know about the feminine woman's thoughts and behaviors so you are able to approach, date, and have successful relationships with them. 

Class includes:

  1. The Feminine Mind (Audio)

  2. The Feminine Heart (Audio)

  3. The Feminine Spirit (Audio)

  4. The Feminine Body (Audio)

  5. The King's Order: 5 Laws Every Young Man Must Obey to Become a King (Paperback book)

  6. Email Follow-up (for any questions you may have)

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