The Art of Submission | Master Class


Submission is not as scary as some women think. In fact, we all submit every day to some degree. We are always in obedience to laws and authority figures outside our homes. The problem is some women do not want to show this same courtesy to their husbands under any circumstance. Join Queens of Virtue as we break down why submission is powerful, how to submit with ease, and when it's best not to submit. This is a class you don't want to miss. 

Class includes: 

  1. The Power in Submission (PDF)

  2. Why Do Men Need Submission? (Audio)

  3. How to Peacefully Relinquish Control (Audio)

  4. When to Submit vs When to Lead (PDF)

  5. When It's Unsafe to Submit (Audio)

  6. The Art of Submission (Paperback book)

  7. Email follow-up (to answer any questions you may have)

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