Feminine Power | Master Class


Women have always had their own way of acquiring power despite living in a patriarchal world. While women today may feel hindered, women of the past found ways to get around their biggest obstacles, and modern women can do the same. Join Queens of Virtue as we discuss why women have a difficult time achieving power, how to discover your own unique powers, and how to overcome the obstacles you will face as you strive to reach the top of your game.


Class includes:

  1. Why Don't Women Have Power? (Audio)

  2. How Women Gain Power in a Patriarchal Society (PDF)

  3. Discover Your Strengths (PDF)

  4. Strategies of Feminine Warfare (Audio)

  5. Virtuous Womanism: Female Empowerment for the Anti-Feminist Woman (Paperback book)

  6. Email follow-up (to answer questions you may have)

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