The Feminine Allure | Master Class


Every woman has her own unique qualities that make her fascinating, magnetic, and appealing. It's just that they get caught up in their everyday responsibilities and habits they never take the time to dive deep within and bring out the parts of them that they never knew was there. Join Queens of Virtue as we help you uncover your most alluring qualities, develop your own signature style of femininity, and use it to make your mark on the world. 


Class includes:

  1. The Power of Authenticity (Audio)

  2. Discover Your Strengths (PDF)

  3. How to Bring Out Your Most Captivating Qualities (Audio)

  4. Newfound Confidence (Audio)
  5. How to Be a Wonder Woman: Exploring the Wonderful World of Beauty & Sexuality (Paperback book)

  6. Email follow-up (to answer questions you may have)

*Lessons will be emailed to you. Book will be shipped. Please don't forget to add your email and mailing address at checkout.