Feminine & Favored | Master Class


Being a feminine woman is rewarding. But in an era where women are immersed in the masculine world, they are sadly missing out on all the perks of femininity. Join Queens of Virtue as we discuss the privileges of femininity, from the way it improves our image, how it affects our relationship life, how it garners respect, and even how it improves our finances.

Class includes:

  1. Feminine Privilege (PDF)

  2. The Power of Authenticity (Audio)

  3. The Image of Privilege (Audio)

  4. How to Discover Who You Really Are (PDF)

  5. How to Get the Most Out of Your Femininity (Audio)

  6. Improving Your Finances (Audio)

  7. Womanifest: A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Growth, Finding Purpose, & Receiving Blessings (Paperback book)

  8. 30-Day Email Support (to answer any questions you may have)

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