Sisterly Love | Master Class


Women spend countless hours trying to learn how to have relationships with men, but rarely take the time to study how to build healthy relationships with women. Building a sisterhood with other women takes effort and dedication just like any other relationship. Join Queens of Virtue as we have an in depth discussion on why sisterhood is important, what destroys women's relationships with one another, and how to build a healthy sisterhood even if it was once broken.

Class includes:

  1. Why Women Need Sisterhood (Audio)

  2. 10 Things That Destroy Sisterhood (Audio)

  3. Sisterhood Starts with You: Developing a Healthy Self-Image (Audio)

  4. Sisterhood Starts with You pt.2: The Power of Discipline (PDF)

  5. How to Build an Unbreakable Sisterhood (Audio)

  6. How to Rebuild a Broken Sisterhood (Audio)

  7. The Sister Code (PDF)

  8. Sisterly Love: How to Build & Maintain Relationships with Your Fellow Woman (Paperback Book)

  9. 30-Day Email Support (for any questions you may have)

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