Fishers of Women Training Kit


The Fishers of Women Training Kit contains everything you need to get started as a Queens of Virtue coach. The kit features audio courses, books, and other materials that you will need for your learning process. Take a look at what Queens of Virtue has in store for you...

1. Audio Lessons (audio player included): What to Expect as a FOW Coach, Why Women Need Sisterhood, Coaching Business Basics, Developing an Abundance Mindset
2. Sisterly Love and Virtuous Womanism, books by QOV
3. Notebook & Pens, to take important notes
4. Expense Tracker, to manage your finances
5. Client Record Book, to keep your clients organized
6. Phone Sessions, to answer any questions you may have
7. Featured on the QOV website, along with your contact info (email, phone number, website)
8. A Special Membership Gift, exclusively for our Fishers of Women team