"Pick Me" Power

Published on 4 June 2024 at 18:19

As the feminist movement picks up steam in the African American community, there is a counter movement picking up momentum as well. This movement, consisting of both men and women, speaks against the destructive rhetoric and behavior of feminists. It is, however, the women of this movement who have been referred to as "pick-me's". If you don't know what a "pick-me" is, it is a name feminists call women who love, respect, and defend a man's honor. To a feminist, this is a form of pandering, and seen as an act of desperation. They feel these women are searching for men's approval and practically begging men to pick them over other women.

There has always been a war going on between non-traditional and traditional women across racial lines. Many of them may deny it, but this tension between the two is essentially over men. Non-traditional women want to live a life of liberation, while expecting men to respect and value them the same way they do traditional women. The traditional women, on the other hand, are a little more responsible with their choice of lifestyle and are more respectful toward the opposite sex. However, they get angry when non-traditional women get attention from men regardless of the fact that they made no effort to carry themselves in a respectable manner.

Neither side wants the other to have success with men. They both think they are the better woman. It's safe to say that they both are "pick me's" in a sense, because they both want men to pick them over the other. But as time persists, it looks as if feminists will be on the losing end of the battle. What the anti-feminist movement is seeking to do is instill traditional ideals back into the African American community in hopes to fix the broken family structure. With over 70% of African American children being born outside of wedlock, it is about time for the community to closely examine our morals, values and behaviors, and be honest about what measures must be taken to fix all of this.

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