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Fishers of Women

While feminism liberates women from femininity, Queens of Virtue seeks to liberate women with femininity. But this is much easier to do with a team of women who are dedicated to the same cause. When women are on a team, it gives each of us a huge social, economic, and spiritual advantage. This is why Queens of Virtue is currently building a team of 12 coaches called Fishers of Women (inspired by Matthew 4:16-20) to enjoy the benefits of having a support system of godly women, while building the success of their own coaching services.

How It Works

Each FOW coach is required to be astute in one of the following twelve categories: dating/courting, spirituality (biblical based), marriage/wifehood, parenting/homeschooling, wealth/finances, business/marketing, exercise/nutrition, mental health, beauty/fashion or gardening/homemaking, sexuality/sexual health, and sisterhood. If the position you desire is already taken by another coach, we will let you know which others are available to choose from. As a FOW coach, you will receive continuous promotion by Queens of Virtue so that you can grow your social media platform, gain clientele and charge your own fees for your coaching services. The money you make is all yours. However, we do require that you make a one-time purchase of the FOW Training Kit, which costs $119. 

Membership Perks

Aside from extensive promotion, there are other perks that FOW coaches will receive as a member. One of which is a quarterly care package that is sent every three months via mail. These packages contain material that can enhance your skills as a coach, plus a couple of items for your personal enjoyment, which is just our way of saying thank you for being a member.  Exclusive lessons and newsletters only accessible to FOW members to help you brush up on your femininity, coaching skills, and business operations. These will be shared via email and our private Facebook group. Lastly, you'll have a sisterhood of 12 wise women who you can reach out to for advice, prayer, comfort, and assistance.

So, are you ready to join Queens of Virtue on our mission? If so, fill out the form below. Tell us why you would like to be a part of the team. If we decide you're a good fit, we will move on to the next step. If you have already been approved, purchase your training kit (shown below) and climb aboard!

*Remember that your membership can be terminated at any time, if you wish.

The Fishers of Women Training Kit contains everything you need to get started as a Queens of Virtue coach. The kit features audio courses, books, and other materials that you will need for your learning process. Take a look at what Queens of Virtue has in store for you...

1. Audio Lessons (audio player included): What to Expect as a FOW Coach, Why Women Need Sisterhood, Coaching Business Basics, Developing an Abundance Mindset
2. Sisterly Love and Virtuous Womanism, books by QOV
3. Notebook & Pens, to take important notes
4. Expense Tracker, to manage your finances
5. Client Record Book, to keep your clients organized
6. Phone Sessions, to answer any questions you may have
7. Featured on the QOV website, along with your contact info (email, phone number, website)
8. A Special Membership Gift, exclusively for our Fishers of Women team